Mobile Betting: The Rise Of The Bookie App


This is the digital age, where smartphones and tablets are part of the everyday life. The number of people who access the internet through these devices are continuously growing. This opportunity made bookmakers to create bookie app that customers can download for free and bet wherever they are. Major gambling sites have developed their own betting apps. Recent figure states that around 30% of worldwide gambling revenue came from mobile betting apps.  The ease of placing a small bet or large parlay on sports is responsible for the rise of the bookie app. Betting has never been easier now that anybody can do it on a mobile device. Bets can be placed within a minute or less because bookie apps are user friendly. Browsing is made easy so that users will not have problems looking for various betting opportunities.

Mobile betting has exploded in recent years as more and more gamers are switching from desktop to mobile betting. Betting agents are recording massive increases in mobile betting. BetFair recorded 114% rise in mobile betting while UK bookies William Hill noted that one third of its total online wagers are made via mobile.  Bookmakers are optimising their sites to allow customers to place bets through the web. Horse racing enthusiasts no longer need to visit local betting shop if they can download the  app on their smartphone. Bookmakers are constantly looking for ways to make their mobile betting app as cutting-edge as possible. Modern mobile betting apps are streamlined, simple to use and bets can be made easily. The quality of these apps continues to improve making more people want to use them. The improving technology is a big factor why so many people access bookie apps today.

The range of betting options provided by bookmakers is increasing in recent times. Nowadays bookmakers give their customers more access and control over their bets. Customers with more access and control will bet more often. Bookmakers offer many types of bonuses when users place their bets through the app. People who make use of bookies free bets can make a lot of money. Attractive sign-up bonuses and retention promo are also offered to ensure users to sign-up with the app provider. These promotions are designed to make more people want to try these mobile gambling apps.

Betting apps receive a great deal of promotion and advertising in live sporting events. Logos and advertising materials of wagering sponsors can be seen everywhere, on signage, track vehicles, on horses, player uniforms and perimeter screens. Even sports shows and commercial TV channels give latest odds while promoting mobile betting apps. People are being continually bombarded with promotions, making them interested to see what’s on offer. The increased advertising and promotion can be attributed to the rise of mobile betting. As long as there is an access to smart devices with an internet connection people can bet on their favourite horse. The convenience and speed of using bookie apps make it easier for mobile-first customers to try their luck and win.